Best Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker User Review

Best Fitbit Zip Activity TrackerBest Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker: Hello friends, Welcome to our Best Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker Post. You all know there are a ton’s of fitness tracker devices available in the market. And this number will increase day by day. However, among all those the requirement of each varies with the person-by-person demand. Some are basic activity tracker and some are high tech devices integrated with the new technologies. In the market, only that device can stay which are as well as have all-important features.

Are you looking for a basic fitness tracker? Then this post will surely help you out to find an economic basic activity tracker. In the article ,I have shared the reviews of Fit Bit Zip activity tracker collected from its different user. And it will not be wrong to say that at present this is the most economical activity tracker for the persons looking for a basic activity tracker. Fit Bit Zip activity tracker is one of the most affordable activity tracker present nowadays in the market with a price tag of $59, which is much lower as compared to all its competitors. in this post we also collect fitbit zip review from regular users so please read useful reviews and choose Best Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker.

Best Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker:

Fit bit activity tracker is the most economic basic trackers with all basic tracking functions. It is a lightweight and small device, which does not go on the wrist and you can clip it on belt, pants, shirts or bra and because of its negligible weight, you will not even notice you are having it. Also, this is the most accurate pedometer which resets at the midnight automatically and previous day data is saved.

Best Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker 2

Features of Best Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker:

  • Simple pedometer features
  • Accurate display of data
  • Portable and wearable (weighs just 8 grams)
  • Allows sharing progress with your friends
  • Easy syncing of data via Bluetooth 4.0
  • No charging problem works with small watch battery
  • Battery backup of 4 months
  • Value for money product

Best Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker Reviews:

Best Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker 4These are the reviews collected from the various users of the Fit Bit Zip activity tracker and mentioned here criterion wise on the basis of design, display, comfort, features, price, inspiration, and various other aspects.

Display, Desing & Comfort:

The fit bit activity tracker is a small, lightweight device just 8 grams, and has a smoother finish to the surface. You can easily put it in your pocket and you will forget that what you are having in your pocket or you can easily clip it to your belt or pants.  For people who like color choice, it comes in different color variants lime green, black, blue white and pink.

The screen of the fit bit activity tracker is easily readable but it lacks lighting of the screen. Therefore, you will not be able to check your fitness data in the dark

Features and Functions:

This device features as a simple pedometer, which tracks the no. of steps, distance covered and the calories burned during workout. Fit Bit Zip has the default goals for the workout and exercises, a person who is not sure what his goal should be can follow the default goals.

You can also use this app to track the amount of calories you consume in your diet by entering the food you eat in the app. According to the data entered, the app will calculate how many calories you can still eat today. If you are in a weight loss goal then this will tell you how much calories you can eat in a day to control weight and achieve the goal. This may prove to be a useful feature for people interested in weight loss.

Setup and Operation:

It has a quite easy setup, it has default goals set for the first time activity tracker users and the users can set their goals manually to work for their goals. you can also get the setup guide online how to set up the device for the first time.

This tracker does not have any buttons on it. To see your information, you simply have to tap the device with your fingers and the data will be displayed on the screen. In the trend of touch screen, the idea of tapping seems old, but it works pretty well once you use it.

Easy data Sync:

Fit Bit Zip activity tracker has easy data sync feature via Bluetooth 4.0 which is compatible with almost all android devices. You can synchronize your data wirelessly with your mobile to check the status on the app or also can check your progress online through your fit bit account. It also has a micro USB port for the data transfer to your computer via USB. This feature is helpful for those who do not have a Smartphone.

Motivation Factor:

Like all other activity tracker devices Fit Bit Zip also tries to motivate the user to perform more exercise and achieve his goals. Depending upon your activity you will see smiley and silly faces. The app also prompts you to take the more steps as you reach closer to your desired daily goal.

Best Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker 8

The feature to connect with your friend and look up their progress gives an extra boost to the person to increase his exercise and workout. You can connect with your friends via your fit bit account or the fit bit app. If your friends will be able to see your daily progress, then you will try to make your daily data more impressive.

This app also awards, badges on reaching any fitness milestone or you reach your goals. These badges appear on your fit bit account.


If I had to recommend someone a basic activity tracker present in the marketplace, then it certainly would be Fit Bit Zip. As, it fulfils all the basic requirement and is easy to operate. At a reasonable price of $59 it is value for money device.  There are a lot of less priced activity trackers present, but without wireless syncing and such a small size they are not good as the Fit Bit Zip.

I hope that you will find this review helpful. U can also visit my previous review on Withings pulse o2 Fitness activity tracker which is a more advanced fitness tracker.

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