Body Media Fit Armband Review

Hello guys, Welcome to Body Media Fit Armband Post. I think everyone of you have heard this quote “Health is Wealth” several times and this is also true. But till we get serious about our health by that time we have already gained so much weight that we have to do a lot of workout to get back to normal. In this case, the fitness tracking devices can prove to be the best friend for you, which will help you a lot in losing your weight and monitoring your daily workout monitoring process.

In this post I will review a fitness tracking device named as Body media fit armband. This is the best calories monitoring device among the other devices. Also it measures body temperature, heat flux, galvanic skin response and movement.  This helps a person to achieve his goal.

Body Media fit Armband:

The body media fit armband is a fitness-tracking device meant to be worn on the back of the arm or triceps. The device is specially designed pre calibrated for this location to get the most of the accuracy in data collection.  Its design is so smooth that a person can wear it for 20 hours a day. The data can be directly synced to a computer via USB cable or Smartphone via Bluetooth. Bluetooth wireless synchronizing of data enables the armband to connect to mobile devices, providing the updates of the calories taken and burned and other activities.

The best thing about this is that it can measure the calories burned in a whole day for not doing a single task just sitting. It seems to be surprising that even if we do not do any task; our body consumes many calories even we cannot think how much, more than one can think of.

This device is equipped with four sensors, which measures a person’s body temperature, heat flux coming out of the body, and the response of the skin, and a 3-axis accelerometer tracks motion and movement of the body. All these are used to track the calorie burned physical activity performed by the user no. of steps taken by user, and your sleep duration timing too.

Body media claims that their Fit devices are the most accurate calories burning data calculator. As per them, their device captures 5000+ readings every minute to maintain accuracy.

Features of Body Media fit Armband:

  • Price – $199 + $7/month subscription
  • Measure the calories burned accurately
  • Monitors in sleeping mode too
  • Measure body temperature, heat flux, skin response and motion/movement
  • Wireless synchronization of data

Reviews on basis of various aspects:

  1. Wear ability:

The device looks like that it is an 80’s product, so if you love the old stuff then you must be interested in this dull grey coloured armband. It is adjustable, but the person wearing always knows its presence. It is worn on the back of the left arm, which is least flattering part of the arm.

Body Media Fit Armband 4

Its looks embarrassing on the arm, but once you started wearing this you will be addicted to it and will love this. In the winter you can wear it under sweaters, but it will look comfortable then.

  1. Setup & Usability:

The first step for any device is how to use the device for the first time. The setup of this device is not too complex, after setting up your email account it should work seamlessly without any problem. No, you have to select a plan for purchase in order to make the device work without problem.

Body Media Fit Armband 5

The device syncs with the android/ Ios app to display the data recorded the number of steps taken on the day, and the calories burned in the movement. It also takes into the consideration of physical activities performed on the whole day.

  1. Use of Device:

Knowing how many calories you are burning by workout is impressive and will definitely make you feel good about yourself and motivate you to improve further. And if you are trying to lose your weight, then you can input how many calories you take daily and if you don’t know how much then you can input your food which you have eaten for the day.

Also, you can set your fitness goals or if you want to lose weight, then according to you it will tell you how much calories you should take in a day to get to your goal. It also helps in controlling the intake of food and helps in taking the balanced diet.

  1. Synchronization of Data:

The data synchronization is quite easier in the Body media Fit armband. One can easily synchronize the data with the computer with the help of the USB cable. In addition, if you want to transfer your data wirelessly then device provides option to transfer data via Bluetooth feature. You can easily synchronize the data from armband to android/ios phone with the help of Bluetooth.

  1. Inspiration and Effectiveness:

This device manufacturer claims it to be the most accurate calorie-monitoring device in the market. So its accuracy can be estimated around 95-98%, which is too good.

Body Media Fit Armband 7

When you plug in the Body media fit band, it connects to your personal online profile and always sends positive notifications when you have beat your own personal records. This proves to be inspiring the people to do more exercise and achieve their goals.


The body media link fit armband device with $199 purchasing cost and $7 per month subscription service. It is surprising that a $199 product requires a monthly subscription fee to function and it is a waste without monthly subscription service. However, it is lesser than the other weight loss methods or devices, which helps in losing weight. Therefore, I will suggest if you want to lose weight and want effect soon, then this device is useful for you.

I hope this will help you to choose a better device for your fitness monitoring. To visit my previous post on Fitbit One Activity Tracker keep visiting site.


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