Fitness products


Aeromat Hand Pump 11" Two-Way Hand Pump Each 35956
Aeromat Hand Pump is quick, easy to use and great for travel and home use. Two-way hand pump is efficient... USD 17.84
Aeromat Weight Ball 6lb Yellow Each 35915
Aeromat Weight Ball is suitable for improving core strength and functional movement and targets muscle... USD 34.99
Thera-Band Stretch Strap Stretch Strap Each 22300
Thera-Band Stretch Strap helps improve flexibility and range of motion during rehabilitation. It supports... USD 21.15
BodySport Medicine Balls Gray 15lb Each ZZRMB15
BodySport Medicine Balls are ideal for developing core strength and improving coordination, balance,... USD 35.56
CanDo Cushy-Air Inflatable Training Ball 22" x 22" x 22" (55 cm) Each #30-1742
CanDo Cushy-Air Inflatable Training Ball has an easy-to-grasp cushy material. This is used to improve... USD 17.55
ArmaSport Exercise Mats Body-10 Mat Blue Each 32-1411B
ArmaSport Exercise Mats have more to offer than just functional support for fitness and physiotherapy... USD 33.7
Airex Hercules Exercise Mat Green Each 23516
Airex Hercules Exercise Mat provides maximum protection through non-slip surface, superb cushioning and... USD 288.6
Yellowtails Large Jump Rope Rack 29"L x 19"W x 70"H Each YTAG-010
Yellowtails Large Jump Rope Rack is a lightweight, durable, blue and yellow PVC jump rope rack which... USD 126.45
FitBALL Spiky Balls 8cm Red 2 Pack FBSB8
FitBALL Spiky Balls are used for sensory therapy, manual massage, and reflexology. These firm balls have... USD 16.99
Aeromat Elite Yoga And Pilates Mat With Harness Arctic Blue Each 72319
Aeromat Elite Yoga And Pilates Mat is great for both yoga and pilates. This anti-stretch mat has built-in... USD 36.22
FlagHouse Deluxe Therapy Mat 4ft x 7ft Royal Blue Each 810470
FlagHouse Deluxe Therapy Mat is a 2-Layer Mats, soft/firm foam combination that offers efficient shock... USD 530
OPTP Small Health Balls For Soft Tissue Release Diameter: 1.25" 4 Pack 287SET
OPTP Small Health Balls For Soft Tissue Release are set of four miniature massage therapy balls for soft... USD 6.99