Fitbit One Activity Tracker Review

Fitbit One Activity Tracker Review 1Welcome to Fitbit One Activity Tracker Post in our website. Fitbit one adds a number of features which makes it advanced to track daily activities. Here, we will discuss the Fitbit One Activity Tracker Review. The best thing about this Fitbit one device is, we can tucked in this device to our clothings. But sometimes it may create a problem as it will be bulky for garments that can cause uneasiness. Fitbit one added an excellent feature of a number of steps taken by the person and how many stairs a person climb. We can easily track the number of calories have burned. Fitbit is smart enough to monitor our stairs climb activity and walking activity.

Fitbit One Activity Tracker In Pocket

Fitbit One activity tracker is small which makes it convenient device and this wireless device can be synced with both iOS and Android device. Fitbit One comes in oval-shape which is easy to carry. It can be used in multiple ways- Fitbit one can be clipped at the garments. It provides the same information no matter where it is placed or tucked in.

Fitbit One Activity Tracker Review 2

This Fitbit Activity Tracker device is so small that it can be placed in the pocket or if one is dressed in an outfit without pocket, then it can be tucked or as wristband can be used but it no longer be hidden at that time. This tiny feature is overwhelming and make it a worth premium device.

Features of Fitbit One Activity Tracker

Tracking With One

Fitbit One is versatile and smooth and designed in oblong shape. Fitbit one device tracks the activity as it is supposed to do. Being a pedometer and distance tracker, it monitors each activity carefully and display the data on LED screen. The displayed stats can be scrolled

Fitbit One Activity Tracker Review 3

To get the result, carry this device all day long. This wireless device will sync the data when you will come in contact with a computer which will display all the information online in charts and graph form. It can be used while sleeping, before sleeping set the timer and stop it after wake up. This will grab your active hours and show you how active you are. Tracking with one is comparatively easy since it tracks the footsteps while going upstairs.

Fitbit One Activity Tracker Review 4

These little changes made is tracked by this device with no effort. Tracker app let you to set the goals and make the step counting pretty easy. Activity information will display the information and a great way to keep tabs on your active hours.

Fitbit One Activity Tracker 10

It doesn’t helpful in gyming time, but the treadmill exercise is monitored by Fitbit One. But if you want your device to keep track overall activity, then you have to enter the data manually and Fitbit one will display the overall performance.

Fitbit One Activity Tracker Review

Rechargeable Battery

Fitbit one comes with a rechargeable battery to monitor in a better way. On a charge it keeps track activity about 14 days. Though replaceable battery is better, but this is a pretty good battery duration this device offers. When you are left with a few hours of tracks to charge it, then it is recommended putting the device on charging.

Fitbit One Activity Tracker 5                                                                      Fitbit One Activity Tracker 6

However, there is no need to worry if it is not worn for some time for any reason, It let the things change manually even on charging time. So, you can get the accurate record by feeding it to the correct data.

Fitbit One Problem

Though this device is compatible with all peripherals and encourage you to be active and stay healthy with the data it display, sometimes you could encounter with a major problem that it counts the steps while you are driving the car. It will add the unrealistic steps automatically while driving and a result you will get an inaccurate stats.

Fitbit One Activity Tracker 7                                                                                        Fitbit One Activity Tracker 8

It is pretty good that it makes you exercise without doing the work, but it will disappoint you by counting the step that you didn’t take. So, it is advised to note down the stats before getting in the car and set it manually when you are done with riding so that it can show you precise information.

Fitbit One Activity Tracker 9

Fitbit One Manageable Issues

Tiny Fitbit One Activity Tracker is a pretty flexible device and most importantly, it is compatible with both iOS and Android unlike other fitness tracker device. This is sweat, rain and splash proof and is considered as the wonderful choice due to the super smart pedometer which count the steps. But the main issue with Fitbit One is counting the steps while driving the car. Each time you have to be careful otherwise you will end up with unrealistic credit. People who walk and doesn’t drive or travel through any transport then this Fitbit One is perfect for them.

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