Fitness Trackers, Pedometer and Heart Rate Monitor Difference

Fitness Trackers, Pedometer and Heart Rate Monitor Difference: Welcome friends, If you are a fitness freak person then you all must have heard about the Fitness trackers, Pedometer and heart rate monitors but got messed up with the specific features and uses of these fitness monitor tools and now confused that which one will be appropriate and useful for you.

Then this post is of great use for those, here we will guide you with the individual features and specification of the each pedometer, fitness tracker and Heart rate monitor. These three are individual’s tools which contributes for the same goal physical fitness of body. First, I will explain in brief about the Fitness tracker, Pedometer and Heart rate monitor individually then will tell how they differ from each other.


PedometerPedometer is the basic device or I must say that the one of the oldest device used for the measurement of the physical activity of the person throughout the whole day. The pedometers were designed to count the no. of steps covered by person in a single day. Earlier pedometer used to stores data of the single day but now the latest pedometer is equipped with the memory to keep the data stored for around a week.

Pedometer 6



Pedometer 4The pedometer is a lightweight tool which u can easily put in your bag or in pocket during workout and it will tell you the no. of steps you covered during the whole workout process. Also it differentiate the brisk and regular steps and measure the distance travelled by you along with the calories and fat burned in the whole day. The data storage facility helps you to compare your daily activity with the previous days and motivate to perform better day by day.


The main features of a general pedometer are as following:

Pedometer 5
  • Simple data display interface
  • Portable and durable
  • Long battery life (2-3 months)
  • Good Accuracy in calculation of data
  • Easy to operate

Heart Rate Monitor:

Fitness Trackers, Pedometer and Heart Rate Monitor DifferenceHeart rate Monitor as the name itself explains the work of this useful fitness tool. The heart rate monitor tells the user heart rate range during the workout process. This is the specific product used for the special purpose of measuring the heart rate range.

Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone and Android
Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone and Android

This device gives the facility to set the heart rate range before the work out and when user deviates from that heart rate zone it notify the user by alarm. In addition, it tells that whether the workout process is resulting in the burning of fat or calories burned.

Heart Rate Monitor 2
Heart rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor 3

It is designed in the shape of watches, which makes it more convenient to wear as one can wear it for daily purpose watch. Also the design is so attractive that it will look cool with all types of dresses makes it more popular among the users.

Heart Rate Monitor 4

The Specific features of the Heart rate monitors are as follows:

  • Measures the heart rate range and allows setting your desired range
  • Displays workout duration
  • Easier display of data
  • 3-4 months data storage feature
  • Data transfer with online websites and computer to analyze the workout
  • Displays time and day on the main screen

Fitness trackers:

Fitness trackers with different interfaces and colors
Fitness trackers with different interfaces and colors

Fitness Trackers is the most advanced tools as compared to the Pedometer and Heart rate monitors. Fitness trackers comes with pedometer and heart rate monitor features and also some new features which makes it far better choice than pedometer and heart rate monitor. Most of the trackers have accelerometer and gyroscope, which captures the movement of the body, and record steps taken by body same as a pedometer.

Fitness trackers 1

It can also monitor the heart rate range of the user during the workout session because more workouts can also be dangerous for the body. It comes with lot of additional feature than the simple Pedometer and heart rate monitor.  As it has integrated GPS, which helps user to get back to his destination if he has lost somewhere, altimeters tells, whether the user is walking on a flat surface or going upstairs. Bluetooth syncing features in the new models make the data transfer more easy. Also, some fitness trackers monitors the body movement during the sleeping hours.

Fitness trackers 2

The features of the fitness trackers are shortlisted below:

Fitness trackers 3

  • Count the no. of steps covered by user
  • Measures the heart rate range
  • of calories taken and quantity of fat burned
  • GPS and Altimeter support
  • Watch and band shapes makes it look cooler
  • All in one tracker

How Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Tracker Differernce from each other:

This table will clear all your doubt related to the pedometer, heart rate monitor and fitness tracker difference:






Heart Rate Moniter


Fitness  Tracker


Basic Use


Basically used for counting the no. of steps covered in whole day



It keeps track of the heart rate range of the body during workout.


It is all in one device it works as pedometer and heart rate monitor both




Measures steps ( both brisk and normal), calories burned and distance covered


It provides facility to set the desired heart rate range during workout. Also calculates calories and fat burned. Also works as watch.



It counts no of steps, distance covered, calories burned, heart rate range, and the distance covered on altitude.



Battery Life


2-3 months


3-4 months


Less as compared to both pedometer and HRM




Easy to operate


Easy to operate


Slightly harder in operation than pedometer and HRM





Higher accuracy


High accuracy with error percentage of 2-3%



Less accuracy as it measures a lot of data as compared to the pedometer and HRM



Data Storage & Data Transfer



It can store data up to seven days.


Data storage facility up to a month and user can transfer their data to system via USB.


Data storage facility of 2-3 months (varies with device). Also data transfer via USB or Bluetooth also can upload data online.



Wearability & Portability



Can be attached with your belt also gives accurate data even if you keep it in your pocket or bag.



It comes with inbuilt watch, which makes it look attractive and more valuable.


It comes in shapes of band and watches so is easily wearable and portable too.

Fitness Trackers, Pedometer and Heart Rate Monitor:

These three are the different devices with the same goal of achieving physical fitness. These devices analyze our daily workout and based on the previous day data motivates us to improve. Which tool you should use depends on your requirement that what you aim & which fulfills your desire. I hope this will help you out in differentiating Pedometer, fitness tracker and heart rate monitor. In the next article I will tell how to lose your weight with fitness tracker so stay tuned with us.





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