Misfit Shine Activity Tracker Review – Useful or Not?

Misfit Shine Activity TrackerHello friends, Welcome again in our Misfit Shine Activity Tracker Review Post so I would like to invite all my users please come and read users reviews and deiced its useful or not. as all of you know people are becoming more and more aware about their health. They do various sorts of activities or in other words’ workout top keep; their body physically maintains and fit. And to keep their workout or exercise going they need a monitoring device which can monitor their workout data and suggest them to improve so that, they can achieve their goals easily.

There are lots of fitness tracking devices present now a day in the marketplace and this number is continuously increasing day by day. And in this kind of increasing products in the market only those companies can survive, which will provide the best product at the reasonable price.

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Today I will review one such kind of physical fitness device, which can prove to be very useful for your workout session data monitoring. In this post, I will be discussing the specs, features, pros and cons of the Misfits Shine activity tracking device.This device has something very special which makes it different from the all others similar devices that are, it is fully waterproof with an attractive metal disc which can be worn anywhere on your body and the magnetic strip holds it in place.

What is Misfit Shine Activity Tracker?

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The Misfit shine activity tracker is an activity tracking device which monitors your daily activity to keep the data of your fitness and suggests you to improve your workout to get your body physically fit by workout or exercise. Misfit has entered into a market where already a lot of similar devices are present and to make his market it should have something extra or advanced from all its competitor devices. Misfit shine has come to market with a waterproof body and a stylish metal interface. Now we will study it’s the features, pros and cons of this device respectively.

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Key Features of Misfit Shine Activity Tracker

The key feature of the Misfit shine activity tracker is mentioned below:

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  • Manufacturer – MISFIT Wearable
  • Price – £99.95
  • Bluetooth 4.0 support
  • Comes with fully water resistant body up to 50 meters
  • Battery life of about four months
  • No charging or wires required

Features of Misfit Shine Activity Tracker:

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Features describe the functionality of any device so it is very necessary to mention the features of any devices. The main features of the Misfit shine activity tracker are listed below in details:

Design and Look:

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The first attraction for any product is its design and attractive look. The Misfit shine activity tracker fulfils the both design and attractive look criterion for the fashion lover customers. This has the metal plated shape with the magnetic strip, which enables to wear it in any body part. One of the most attractive things about its design that it is made of light weighted aerospace aluminum, which weighs only 9 grams individually and 16 grams with its strap.


Misfit Shine Activity Tracker 6If there is no comfort in wearing the device, then you will certainly not use the product. Keeping this thing in mind the company has provided extra comfort to the user. The band strip is so comfortable that it can be worn comfortably.  The band strip is available in sports band and clasp. The clasp is a rubber loop with the magnet on one of it ends that fold over to couple with the back of the shine. Sports band is the simple rubber watch strap which is designed like an fashion product more than an fitness device.

Uses and Application:

The Misfit shine device is a very simple but very effective way of monitoring your daily fitness activity during workout. The complete workout data is shown on the screen with color coded panels according to the type of activity low, medium and energetic workout.

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The misfit shine device also tells various daily activities like amount of steps taken, amount of calories burnt and distance travelled in a single day or in the whole week.

Data Storage & Connectivity:

The Misfit shine device offers a data storage capacity of 4-5 days, which allows user to access his previous day or week workout data. There is a highlights panel, which offers you to have a look at your daily milestones achieved, broken down during activity-by-activity chart or colored blocks.

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This devices comes with the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity support with the ios app. The user can access his previous days or week data on the shine app in your apple iPod and iPhone. This makes it quite easy to compare the daily workout progress with the past data. It works as a motivating factor to do better day by day.

Pros and Cons of the Misfit Activity Tracker:

The pros and cons of any device set the value of that product in the market. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of the misfit shine activity tracker device:

Pros of Misfit Shine Activity Tracker:

  • The device is fully waterproof up to the depth of 50 meters
  • This can be worn anywhere on your body because of magnetic strip
  • This device comes with attractive design makes it market more stronger
  • Long battery life helps user to recharging issue
  • Watch functionality is a bonus feature of the Misfit shine activity tracker

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Cons of Misfit Shine Activity Tracker:

  • No altimeter function in the device is drawback for this device
  • Sometime displays inaccurate data
  • App currently available for the iOS users only
  • Sleep monitoring is a little poor is also a major drawback

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The Misfit Shine is a great activity tracker, but is a little more expensive than some of its competitor devices and currently has limited Smartphone and tablet compatibility if you do not have an iPhone and iPod then this device is not much useful for you. However, if you are looking for a waterproof and fully functional activity tracker then the Misfit Shine can prove to be a better choice. The long battery life and attractive look are just an extra edge to this device.

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