Nike + Sports Watch Review with TomTom GPS Precision

Nike + Sports Watch Review with TomTom GPS PrecisionHello friends, once again, I am available with a more effective fitness monitoring device related review.  My last post was on Misfit Shine Activity Tracker Review you can access that post by going through the highlighted text link. As discussed in an earlier post the MISFIT SHINE activity tracker is a device, which monitors the daily activity of the user.

However, the device to be discussed today is especially for those users who love to run. The device name is Nike + Sports Watch with TomTom GPS Precision a device, which monitors each step, covered with the pace of the runner accurately. The Nike+ Shoe sensors work with the GPS precision to monitor your data while running and your route and while uploading your data online on the it suggests you the preferred route with the help of GPS precision. Along with the distance covered it also measures the calories burnt during the whole run.

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This device is also water resistant along with the lithium rechargeable battery. Let’s have a detailed look at the specs and features of the Nike + Sports Watch with TomTom GPS Precision.

What is Nike+ Sports Watch with TomTom GPS Precision?

Nike+ sports watch with TomTom GPS precision is a device setup like that your wrist and shoes is talking to each other. The manufacturer has combined the Nike’s understanding of the athletic requirement with the GPS expertise of TomTom.  This device proves to be a game changer for the regular runners.

The Nike+ sport watch with GPS powered by TomTom uses both GPS technology and Nike+ shoe sensor to capture your each step of your run. The users can upload their running data to the, which allows them to track their goals, receive some suggestions, allows challenging friends, and sharing your progress with friends and colleagues on Facebook and twitter like social platform to get more competitions.

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Key Specification of the Nike+ Sports Watch with TomTom GPS Precision:

These are the below mentioned some key specification of the Nike + Sports Watch with TomTom GPS Precision:

  • Manufacturer – Nike
  • Product dimensions – 1.4×2.3×0.6 inches
  • Weight – 1 pounds
  • Colour – black, white
  • Display – VFD
  • Battery – lithium ion rechargeable battery

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Get a Push with Nike+ Sports Watch with TomTom GPS Precision:

  • You can set your goals to keep you moving and motivated
  • Users can use Nike+ Challenges to motivate yourself and others
  • Get custom training programs which will help you to prepare for a race, event or sport activity
  • You will receive trophies, medals as rewards for your efforts on the

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World at the Wrist and Sole:

Your shoes and your watch are talking to each other isn’t it looks weird, but it is a good combination when  the Nike+ shoe sensor and TOMTOM GPS  precision works together flawlessly with better accuracy. The GPS in the wrist and the steps monitor in the shoe sole makes the data transmission more accurate.

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Keep Track of Data with Nike+ Sports Watch with TomTom GPS Precision:

  • Keep track of your distance covered, pace & speed, time and amount of calories burned
  • Get details on and after every run when you upload your detail on

Stay Connected with Friends to Get Motivated:

  • You can sign up at to be connected with your friends and family to share your route and get another route online with the help of GPS.
  • The features of challenging your friends give an extra boost to your workout and helps in improving your data.
  • The app gives rewards, trophies, which motivates you to improve your performance.

features of nike + sports watch with tomtom gps precision:

The main features of this device are categorized below point wise will tell the main use and importance of this device:

  • Tracks your workout or running time with the distance you have covered along with the pace or speed of the runner.
  • Tracks the beat per minute (BPM) or the heart rate, but this optional features HRM sensor is sold separately by the polar.
  • It keeps track of the no. of the calories burnt while running
  • The Nike+ sport watch features Tom Tom GPS for display of accurate speed and distance data information.
  • It comes with the rechargeable lithium polymer battery, which can be charged via USB data cable, it provides eight hours of run time when the GPS and sensors both are turned on and on standby mode, it gives backup of around 40-50 days.
  • This device has stopwatch features which can be used by the users to improve their running time for the same distance
  • This device is water resistant, which gives you more freedom to use it in rainy days or doesn’t scare you of water
  • The GPS features give the detailed map route of your running track and suggests you the more routes of that area
  • You can track Nike Fuel on after you each run
  • Provides facility to set the time and date features
  • Users can connect with their friends and family member on to share your route and running data.


If you are looking for a device, which monitors your distance covered, calories burned along with the heart rate monitor as an optional choice for the users for who are concerned of their heart rate monitor. The Nike + Sports Watch with TomTom GPS Precision is costlier as compared to the other competing devices already available in the market. However, the features provided with the device, it is much handier for the users who loves to run and want to monitor their each step with the calories. This product can be much handy for those users. I would have certainly recommend this product to anyone who is willing to buy any such type of product.

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