FT60 Heart Rate Monitor Review – Activity Tracker or Both?

Polar FT60 Heart Rate MonitorHello friends, today I am again here with a fitness tracker product review. In this post, I will review Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor. A device, which works as both an activity tracker and a heart6 rate monitor or also you can say both. For a person who is determined to get best physical fitness what, can be a perfect gift for such person. I think a device, which can monitor and keep records of his physical activity and can assist him to improve further to achieve his health related goals.

Are you planning to gift your loved one any such product then the Polar FT60 Heart rate monitor can prove to be a good choice.  As this heart rate monitor is a perfect combination for both a heart rate monitor and an activity tracker.

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It has several additional features along with the basic features of an activity tracker and heart rate monitor. You can keep track of your calories and hence can control your weight; by knowing the amount of calories burned, you can improve your daily workout. In addition, with the help of heart rate monitor, you can keep a record of your heart rate and set your desired heart rate range and if you go beyond your desired range, you will be notified with an alarm sound.

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor 1

The attractive thing about this device is that all these features are available in a single boxed device having a comfort to wear and attractive look wise too.  Let’s have a look at the features, specs, pros and cons of the Polar FT60 Heart rate monitor.

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor Review:

The polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor is an excellent fitness-monitoring product available in the marketplace for anyone seriously committed to improving his fitness by workout and exercise. This device is suitable for various exercises and workout for the physical fitness of the body, one can use this device while running, while swimming and it also keeps the record of your heart rate.

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor 3

This heart rate monitor allows you to set your goals for the work out, and keep the record of your physical activity to make you alert of your goal. It tells you when you are exercising in your top limit and beyond the preset value to improve and monitor your heart rate during workout. It basically teaches how to monitor your heart rate during the workout.

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor 4

Key Specification of Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor:

  • Brand – Polar
  • Price– $169
  • Working include following activities:
  1. Heart rate
  2. Calories burned
  3. Percentage of calories from food intake
  4. Time in zone
  5. Average heart rate during workout
  6. Maximum heart rate

Features of Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor:

The features of any product give an idea that whether it meets your requirement so it is necessary to introduce with the features of the Polar FT60 heart rate monitor:

  • Easily personalized training programs
  • Training program rewards to motivate the user
  • Five minute fitness test to track your performance improvement.
  • Heart rate monitor to keep the record of your heart rate variation while workout
  • Storage capacity of 100 files make easy to track your progress
  • Equipped with the comfortable fabric transmitter strap
  • Track your all the activity calories burned & fat burned
  • Have the distance sensors and compatible with speed.

Screen & Display:

The Polar FT60 heart rate monitor has a quite clear and wide screen with large text, which is exceptionally easy to read. For users while running, this is useful because in other products it is not easy to read the data from the device while jogging.

Easy Setup:

Polar FT60 has quite easy setup for the first time users only the thing what you have to do is to input your data like, your weight, desired weight, age etc. and this device will prepare the training plans for you. It will suggest you how much you have to walk, how much calories you need to burn while workout. You can simply enter your details and start your workout session.

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor 6

Workout Data:

If you are of those types who want to keep updated with your every minute progress, then this device is really helpful. You can see on the screen how much you have practiced and how the more you need to practice to get to the desired goals. Also, each minute data helps you to motivate to perform better each minute.

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor 7

This device is capable of storing up to 100 training files, which is quite good storage capacity. One can access his previous day’s data and compare with the present fitness data and can determine how much he has improved.

Easy Operation:

Believe me, for some people it matters a lot how easy the operation of the device easy. The operation of the Polar FT60 Heart rate monitor is done with the help of the buttons. The buttons provided are so soft and can be pressed with the soft hand. This provides ease for the women to use this device.  The internal operation of this device is also much easier. The Overall  operation of the device is easy.

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor 8

Problems in POlar ft60 Heart Rate Monitor:

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor 9We all know nothing is perfect in this world. Besides all these great features Polar FT60 heart rate monitor has also some of the disadvantages or in other words, you can say that Polar FT60 lacks some features. The Polar FT60 has some sound issue, sound does not work the way it should. In addition, the band is an outdated fashion also;the band does not seem to be breathable. Sweat can also get trapped underneath the band which cause irritation.



Finally, at the last of this review I can say that, this device is a perfect package of health and fitness monitoring device. The Polar FT60 heart rate monitor is both an activity tracker and heart rate monitor. I will suggest you to go for this product if you are willing to purchase any fitness product and have the good budget. At $169, this is the perfect package of fitness monitoring equipment.


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