Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Reviews

Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Reviews
Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Reviews – Everyone do some sort of exercises to keep his body healthier and fit. However, he does not know that what actual affect that exercise or workout is having on his body. In the last post, we have explained about the Omron HJ-112 Pedometer, which keeps the analysis of data of the workout and counts the no. of steps performed by the person during his workout to get more about Pedometer click on the highlighted text above.

All was ok with use of pedometer we are able to track our workout data and improves day by day but the thing, which was lacking was that we are not able to monitor our heart rate and also it does not tell us about the main effect of our workout and training.

Polar ft7 Heart Rate Monitor monitors the heart rate of the person during the workout and helps in improving the training to get the desired result on body. Its energy pointer indicates clearly that when the exercising is only resulting in fat burning or fitness of the body.

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We write this Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Reviews article for those entire people who worried for their health and excise his routine work, we specially recommend you Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor for monitor your excise work also in this post we mention Polar ft7 Heart Rate Monitor Best Price so you can easily buy online from top trusted portals like amazon and etc.

Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Reviews

If you looking for buy Heart Rate Monitor Watch and confused about which Heart Rate Monitor is best so let’s clear your confusion because we collect many reviews from those users who used Heart Rate Monitor Watch and they all would like to recommend Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch that’s why we decide to write one Reviews post and publish Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Reviews so you can easily understand which Heart Rate Monitor is best for you for monitor your routine excise work

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The Polar heart rate monitors are well known for being most functional and reliable watches. And the FT7 Watch is the one of the best product of the Polar hearth rate monitors. If you are looking for a heart rate monitor that is both smart, functional, and affordable then the polar FT7 could be the watch for you. it can provide you not only with your heart rate also the amount of calories you are burning.

Heart Rate Monitor Watch

The FT7 can store up to 16 weeks of training and up to 99 separate training files. That is quite impressive for such an attractive looking watch. In addition, this watch is smaller than the previous polar heart rate monitor watches so, one should can also wear this watch for his daily use as this is also attractive by look and it will look cool with both the casual clothes and formal clothes.

Also this is user friendly as it will take only 5 minutes to set up your all data in the watch like DOB, height, weight etc. which the watch  later uses to determine your optimum training level. Also guide is available online and also provided with watch to setup the watch for first time one can read the guide and set up watch.

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When you’re in training mode you can toggle easily between displays by pressing the up/down buttons on the side. By simply pressing up/down you can switch between your workouts duration, heart rate range, and calories burned. This watch also comes with the Polar energy pointer, which calculates and displays whether you are in the fitness improvement zone or fat burning zone based on the data filled by you at startup.

Also this watch is a water proof watch so you don’t need to think before entering in the water or swimming pool also its transmitter flexibility is very good.

Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Reviews

Features of Polar FT7 HRM Monitor Watch:

The main features of the Polar FT7 HRM watch is listed below with brief explanation of each:

Body measurement features:

  • Manual target zone (BPM):

This feature enables you to define the target zone as you want and is suitable for your training. You can set the target zone for your training as beats per minute ( BPM ), as a percentage of your maximum heart rate, or as a percentage of your heart rate reserve (HRR%).

  • Polar Energy Pointer:

Energy Pointer is an easy-to-use feature, which tells you during a training session if the main effect of your training is fat burning or fitness improvement.

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Training Features:

  • Heart Touch Button-free Operation of Wrist Unit:

When Heart Touch is on, different training information during training can be accessed without pressing buttons, for instance, when gloves make pressing buttons difficult, by bringing your training computer close to your transmitter.

  • Graphical Target Zone Indicator:

This feature points out graphically on the display the zone you are in during a training session helping you to stay on the desired intensity zone.

  • Zone Pointer:

Zone Pointer is a visible and moving symbol on the training computer display indicating whether you are inside the pre-set or desired target zone. This feature helps you to reach the desired intensity/pace/speed/cadence targets.

  • Zone Lock:

Zone Lock feature helps you to accumulate certain intensity. You can either lock a zone before a training session or during it by pressing a button when you are on the desired zone.

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Recording Features:

  • Totals:

Totals  includes your training data starting from the last reset enabling you to follow your long-term training.

  • Weekly history:

Weekly history gathers your weekly training data. By selecting a week, you can review your training data for the week.

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Data Transfer:

  1. Compatible with PC via Polar Flow Link
  2. Compatible with PC via Polar Flow Link
  3. Compatible with polarpersonaltrainer.com via Polar Flow Link

Watch Features:

  1. Backlight
  2. Date and weekday indicator
  3. Display text in English, German, Finnish, Swedish, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian
  4. Dual time zone
  5. Button lock
  6. Low battery indicator

Conclusion :

On a whole the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Reviews is one of the finest watches Polar have produced. It’s water resistant up to 50m, the appearance allows you to wear it as an everyday watch, it has all the functions and features you could ever need, and above all it’s one of the most affordable money can buy.

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It is a must have choice for any fitness enthusiast. I think it will help you decide whether to go for this watch or not but on my personal behalf I would recommend this watch on the basis of its features and affordability.

We really hope our Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Reviews article useful for decide to buy Polar Ft7 Monitor if we right so please drop you comment on below comment box so we write more reviews on various health monitor products so you will be buy health monitor product easily though our useful user reviews



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