Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Good morning friends, are you looking for your health and fitness? And want something, any trainer or device which can help you to monitor your activity and heart rate during the workout. Now you will not have to wait further. Today I have come up with a device, which can monitor your daily physical activity and is a more accurate heart rate monitor too. The Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor will give you live heart rate and data of your physical activities.

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor

Now you can understand and track your exercise heart rate better with the help of Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor.  This device will display all the data on your mobile training applications connected with the device. It comes with the Bluetooth smart technology for easy synchronizing of data. Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor uses coded 5 kHz transmission to connect with the majority of the polar equipments available in the market. This is made of soft textile chest strap, which adapts your body shape, and provides you free movement of your body.

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor 2

Polar Heart rate monitor: Heart Rate Monitor is a device used to monitor the heart rate of the body during the workout. It also provides information that how strong our workout process is going on. If you can monitor your heart rate accordingly you can increase your workout on that note.

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How it Works?

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor 3The Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor is compatible with the almost each Bluetooth device that supports heart rate monitoring. It does not have any inbuilt display it tracks the data with the help of the sensors and displays data on the Smartphone app. A list of devices is there on the official polar website you can go there to check whether you Smartphone is compatible or not with this device. For the first time users of the Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor you will have to pair the device with your application. After that, wrap the heart rate monitor around your chest and start your workout or exercise.

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor Review:

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor 5

Polar electro was founded in 1977 is now the one of the leading brand in the field of health and fitness. Polar is the world’s largest manufacturer of sports instrument and heart rate monitoring devices.  Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor is the one of the best and most accurate heart rate monitoring device ever made by the polar electro. It comes with the Bluetooth smart technology to connect with the various physical fitness apps and gym devices. In addition, its accuracy with design compatibility is a plus point for the users.

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor 6

This device is made by using the soft textile materials to provide user pleasure in using it. One can wrap this on his chest and start his workout. It gives a long battery backup of around 200 hours, which is quite enough.

Key Specification

The key specification of the Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor is:

  • Manufacturer: Polar electro
  • Product type: Heart rate monitor
  • Product Name: Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor
  • Price: $69
  • Battery: 200 hrs backup
  • Transmission range ~10m

Features of Polar h7 Heart Rate Monitor:

Every product or device has some unique or sole features. Which makes them distinct from all the other devices in the same market. Here I have listed some most important features of the Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor.

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor 7

  1. It uses Bluetooth smart technology and coded 5 kHz transmission to provide EG- accurate heart rate data to any Bluetooth compatible device makes quite easy to add the data to your Smartphone.
  2. With the help of this device, you can view your training intensity while working out in the gym or simple exercises.
  3. It has a long transmission range of approx 10m.
  4. Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor uses replaceable battery (CR025 battery) and have the total operating time of minimum 200 hours with polar certified applications.
  5. This device Is made up of soft and comfortable hand washable textile material, which gives comfort while wearing it.
  6. This device is compatible with the Apple iPhone 4s and later devices and with the selected android devices (Samsung galaxy S3 and S4).

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor 8

User Rating for Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor:

Design: 8/10

It wears the simple look and is more comfortable in wearing than other devices on chest. The use of  soft and comfortable textiles make it easier to wash time to time to get a fresh feel using on using again.

Features: 7/10

The main function of the Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor is to show the heart rate of a person and physical fitness progress while workout. The Bluetooth smart device syncing gives an extra boost in it and makes it more worthy. The compatibility of this device with a lot of gym devices and polar authorized apps is a plus point for users. This device is water resistant so you can do swimming while wearing it, although the Bluetooth will not work under water. You will need polar watches to synchronize data in water

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor 9

Performance: 9/10

You cannot beat this device on the basis of performance.  This the most accurate heart rate monitor available in the market place. The data calculation is accurate and has better good battery life of a20 hours. The synchronization of data with the applications is fast. It is an almost faultless device.


Guys, if you are looking for a reliable heart-rate monitor and can live with strapping it in your chest, then the Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor is an excellent option and also worth for money. It can combine with the lots of applications to give you the actual fitness data without any problem. At a reasonable price of $69 this is not a worst buy if you plan to use it regularly. I will suggest you to go for this device if you want accurate data of your workout sessions.

Hope this review was helpful for you all. Also, you can visit my last review on Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor.


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