Lebenswert Organic Rice Porridge

Lebenswert Organic Rice Porridge

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Lebenswert rice porridge is made using whole grains, which are in an easily digestible form and is suitable for babies 4 months onwards. The grains used in Lebenswert porridges are carefully selected...

Lebenswert bio Organic Millet & Rice Whole-Grain Mash can be used as a milk pudding, as a mash or as a mash with fruits. Lebenswert bio Organic Millet & Rice Whole-Grain Mash can be used as a milk pudding, as a mash or as a mash with fruits. Lebenswert bio Organic Millet Whole-Grain Mash From the 4th month Lebenswert bio Organic Millet & Rice Whole-Grain Mash can be used as a mil. holle Organic baby formula Lebenswert stage 1 . Orders containing 1 item will be shipped in a padded envelope which might arrive damaged. Lebenswert bio with Organic Infant Formula 1, Organic Follow-up formula 2, Organic follow-up formula 3, Organic Millet Whole Grain Porridge, Organic Oat Whole-Grain Mash, Dinkel Vollkornbrei, Organic Rice Whole-Grain Mash, Organic Carrot Pure, Organic Pure Pear and Organic Vegetables Sundries in .


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