Up24 by Jawbone Fitness Tracker User Reviews

Up24 by Jawbone Fitness Tracker User Reviews

Up24 by Jawbone Fitness Tracker: Welcome back guys, how are you all? If not fine and healthier then this article can be useful for your health because today I am going to review a fitness-tracking device. By using which you will be able to monitor your physical fitness. My last article was on Body Media Fit Armband Review you all must read that review if you are a fitness freak. And today I will share user review on one of the Jawbone products.

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Jawbone a name popularly known for providing a variety of fitness tracking devices. There are many products of Jawbone are currently available in the market and all are related to fitness tracking.  In this article, we will also review a jawbone product named as Jawbone UP24. The Jawbone UP24 is a premium fitness tracker that monitors your all day activities including you timing of sleep. And the same all data is displayed on the UP application.

UP24 by Jawbone:

This is one of the most fashionable, smart and lightweight fitness tracking wearable device available in the market. It is made up of textured rubber; just simply stretch the end it will completely fit on your wrist. Its extra comfortable design makes it look cool and more attractive.

Jawbone UP24 is a wristband fitness tracker that monitors your daily physical activities while keeping count of the number of steps taken, calories burned throughout the day, distance covered, sleep timing & many more. The user simply uses these devices for monitoring their physical movement. To monitor the movement accurately, it is provided with the tri axis accelerometer

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Key Features of Up24 by Jawbone Fitness Tracker:

All the key features of the Jawbone UP24 devices are specified below :

  • Manufacturer- Jawbone
  • Price – $125
  1. Slim and stylish design
  2. Sleep tracking facility
  3. splash resistant
  4. Bluetooth 4.0 synchronization
  5. 7 day battery life
  6. Water resistant

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Up24 by Jawbone Fitness Tracker – Design

In terms of design, Jawbone UP24 comes with the hypoallergenic medical TPU rubber wristband with an open circle shape. You do not have to do anything extra just stretch the ends of the band to open the circle to fit it in your arm. The rubber structure makes it more flexible and convenient to wear. The band comes in the various sizes small, medium and large, and one can select the size according to his requirement. It provides a loose fit on your arm, but not too loose to fall off.

It is lighter in weight and now it comes in a swirl design on it with the ends lapping over each other to give you a perfect grip on the arm. There are also various color variants available in market orange, charcoal, lemon green and yellow.

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Up24 by Jawbone Fitness TrackerFeatures

All the data is monitored by tri-axis accelerometer, which makes the calculation more accurate. it tracks the no. of steps, distance covered, calories burned, and sleep timing. And all data is calculated with the help of tri-axis accelerometer. The data is displayed on the mobile UP APP, you can view the daily progress and day-by-day analysis of your exercises makes you perform even better. The data synchronizing to the app is done with the help of Bluetooth 4.0 provided in the devices has made the data synchronizing and display of data easier. Only the negative thing is that sometimes the app becomes to laggy.

You also input you food data to make the calculation of calories and calories burned and the consumption of calories required achieving your targeted goals. It also sends you mail every Monday with the full week data to keep you updated with your progress.

This device is water resistant, which makes you tension free while roaming outdoor while its raining. But you cant do swimming wearing this it can resist water upto a limited water quantity.

Up24 by Jawbone Fitness Tracker Performance

The performance of this product is outstanding with accuracy. The product has many features and all the calculation of data is too accurate. On battery basis, the product is good once charged you can easily use it for next seven days without plugging it on charger. Bluetooth 4.0 syncing makes the battery last longing and data synchronization more faster.

The product worth every single penny spent on it because of its comfortable design accuracy and other features. If you want to spend some money so that you can have a good activity tracker then jawbone UP24 can proves to be a good choice.

Up24 by Jawbone Fitness Tracker Price

The Jawbone UP24 costs $125 and is equipped with a lot of features and faster Bluetooth syncing and comfortable design. However, the price seems a bit higher than the other competitor devices. But once purchased it doesn’t have any additional cost to spend on it.  As far as the price concern this is lower than the brands like nike and others.

Pros and Cons of Up24 by Jawbone Fitness Tracker as per Users:

Every product has various features, which makes them distinct from the previous one. And also each product have some limitations too below the features and limitation of the JAWBONE UP24 devices are listed:


  • It monitors steps taken distance travelled, hours slept throughout the day
  • Tri- axis accelerometer for more accurate data monitoring
  • Smart alarm feature
  • Easy data syncing interface via Bluetooth 4.0
  • Battery life of about 7 days
  • Attractive and comfortable design


  • There is no any in-built screen in this device
  • This device is not water-resistant
  • Apps become lagging some times
  • Has a shorter battery life


Up jawbone is a simple arm band at a reasonable price $125 with a battery backup of a week and with any more facilities can proves to be a smart buy for the users. In addition, its design and shape makes it more comfortable to wear. If you are looking to but this device then I will suggest to go for this product.



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