Withings pulse o2 fitness Activity Tracker Reviews

Withings pulse o2 fitness Activity TrackerWithings pulse o2 fitness Activity Tracker Reviews: Hey friends, I am back with another important health gazette review after my last post on Basics Tips of Watching Your Weight With a Fitness Tracker you can access that post by going through this link. This post is about Withings pulse 02 fitness activity tracker reviews. I will tell you each and every aspect of this fitness activity tracker device. This is almost same to all activity trackers present in the market, but has an additional feature; it has an inbuilt oximeter integrated with it, which measures the amount of saturated oxygen in the blood. This feature makes it distinct from all others activity tracker device present in the marketplace.

Withings Pulse o2 fitness Activity Tracker:

Withings pulse o2 fitness activity tracker device is a simple pedometer provided with some additional features (heart rate monitoring and saturated oxygen in the blood), which makes it stand apart from all its competitors. It is given a watch like an interface to increase wearability. Besides all these, it can track a large no. of activities and provides a long battery backup mean recharging will be required once in two weeks. Also, it is provided with wireless syncing of data via Bluetooth.

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You can set up your Withings pulse o2 fitness activity tracker via ios and android app. Just enter your height, weight, gender, age and all the information will be synced to your Withings pulse o2 activity tracker via its Bluetooth chip. After inputting your data just wear, the Withings pulse o2 device and it will collect all the fitness data about your body.

The most impressive thing about this device is that many functions are packaged with the light little device.

  • On the front of device: Touch screen, which displays the daily data and allows to access daily stats and change the mode of the device.
  • On the back of device: Heart rate monitor and oximeter sensor, simply place your fingertip on the sensor and it will count your heart rate and oxygen in the blood
  • On top: A button is provided to on/off the unit, starts the synchronization of data
  • On bottom: Micro USB charging slot.

Key Specifications of Withings Pulse o2 Activity Tracker:

The key specifications of the Withings pulse o2 activity tracker are mentioned below:

  • $99.95 price tag
  • Tracks steps, distance, heart rate, calories and oxygen level in blood
  • LED touch screen display
  • Bluetooth sync facility
  • 14 days battery life

Basis on Display, build & Design:

Withings pulse o2 fitness Activity Tracker 5The Withings pulse o2 fitness activity tracker device is beautifully designed with a matte finish which gives it aluminium finish. It only weighs 8 grams with plastic body and dimensions 43x22x8 (all dimensions in mm). The rounded corner gives an extra edge to its beauty. On the front of the device, there is a led touch screen which displays the status of your exercises or workout. The display resolution is 128×32 pixels. Only the shit about the display is that it gets automatically off after each five seconds.

Connectivity and Battery:

The Withings pulse O2 fitness activity tracker uses a Bluetooth 4.0 chipset to sync data from pulse O2 and the smart phone app. This also makes it battery last longer. The battery of the pulse o2 is made up of the lithium-ion polymer. And the company promises that on day-night usage the battery will last for 14 days without recharging it.

Users also verify the same; however, the long-lasting reason of battery may be that the display automatically shut off after five seconds. It also has a nice power saving mode in which it allows the device going for 24 hours without display of data as it stores some reserve power.

Basis of Cost:

At the price of $99.95 is the Withings pulse o2 activity tracker is so costlier. However, it also provides a lot in the box in the same amount. One will get the hand strap and clip belt with the Withings pulse o2 activity tracker. But if its price would have around $50 then this can be the best buy for anyone nut at such high price it’s too costly. When at the almost same price people is getting an Android phone with inbuilt these features, then why anyone will go for pulse o2.

Pros and Cons of Withings Pulse 02 Activity Tracker:


  1. Tracks a large number of activities
  2. Heart rate monitor and oximeter sensor
  3. Comes with wrist strap and belt clip
  4. Attractive design
  5. Long battery backup of 14 days
  6. Wireless syncing of data


  1. Costlier than the original version
  2. Have to manually set the sleep timers on and off
  3. Blood oxygen level data is not synced to the mobile app
  4. In the direct sunlight, screen is not clearly visible.


The Withings pulse O2 fitness activity tracker device as a fitness wristband, having the ability to track your all-day activity from the number of steps covered, distance travelled in the whole day to the heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen level provides a lot of information for the fitness freak person to achieve the fitness goals.

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